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Strategic Plan

Child Life Council Strategic Plan 2015-18

In 2015, the CLC Board of Directors created a new strategic plan to guide CLC initiatives over the next three years. The Board carefully considered overarching future directions for the child life profession in the context of current and emerging trends that present both opportunities and challenges for the field.

An overview of the plan is included below, and a complete version of the plan is available for download. If you have questions or comments about the plan that you would like to share with CLC's Board of Directors, please contact us at


Purpose (why we exist):  

The Child Life Council's core purpose is to serve child life professionals.

Mission (what we do): 

CLC advances the field of Child Life by establishing and maintaining professional standards, enhancing the professional growth and development of members, and advancing credibility of the Child Life profession by fostering research and promoting the efficacy of Child Life practice.

Vision (where we're headed):

Every child and family has access to comprehensive services provided by a child life professional as an integral part of their health care experience.

Values (what we believe):

Strategic Drivers:

 The Child Life Council will:

    1. Credibility:  Strengthen perceived value and awareness of child life
    2. Member Experience:  Provide high-value, relevant member experiences
    3. Organizational Strength:  Be a well-resourced, responsive CLC

Credibility:  Strengthen perceived value and awareness of child life 

  1. GoalDefine CLC's role in facilitating, promoting research and Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance
  2. Goal:  Standardization of academic preparation, clinical training, and ongoing competency of child life professionals
  3. Goal:  Establish key partnerships

Member Experience:  Provide high-value, relevant member experiences
  1. GoalIncrease member engagement
  2. GoalUp-to-date, relevant resources for members
  3. GoalIncrease leadership capacity
  4. GoalGlobal support and partnerships

Organization Strength:  Be a well-resourced, responsive CLC
  1. Goal:  Increase donors and funding sources
  2. Goal:  Ensure relevance of governance and maximize efficiency of organization
  3. GoalStrengthen certification
  4. GoalStrengthen the CLC brand