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Welcome to the CLC Forum list serve, one of a series of online networking tools available through the CLC Community professional network! The CLC Forum is an automated group e-mail discussion that allows CLC members to exchange information and network in a peer-to-peer forum. Accessible to nearly 5,000 CLC members, the Forum is designed to improve communication among like-minded individuals, offering them a place to exchange thoughts and opinions, and provide answers to questions and challenges faced by their peers. 

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Special Interest groups

In addition to the general all-members CLC Forum, CLC Community offers individual discussion groups for a limited number of special interest groups. Learn more about networking groups currently available to you by visiting the Groups page of CLC Community.



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If you are a CLC member, you can access all public Forum archives by visiting the Forums page of CLC Community, and scanning through the list of discussion threads. You can also use the Search Function to search for specific topics or keywords.