CCLS Digital Badge

The CCLS Digital Badge

Get the Recognition You've Earned!

The Child Life Certification Commission of the Association of Child Life Professionals is pleased to partner with Acclaim/Credly to provide Certified Child Life Specialists with a digital badge which will help credential holders inform coworkers, employers, potential employers, and other parties of their achievement.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of an accomplishment that may be used in email signatures, personal websites, digital resumes and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

When clicked, the badge enables the user to learn more about the credential, personalized certification dates, and the requirements to earn the badge.  With a single click, third parties are directed to a metadata web page showing the requirements for certification. This content helps explain a CCLS’s qualifications and specialized skills.

Certification Verification

When an individual clicks on the digital badge, they are taken to a page on the Acclaim site that looks like this:


How Can the CCLS Badge Help You?

Often, people unfamiliar with child life certification do not understand the specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities that are demonstrated when an individual passes the certification exam.  By using their digital badges, CCLSs will help increase awareness of child life certification and how it differentiates between the certified and non-certified practitioner, ultimately increasing the value of certification to CCLSs.

Employers and others can use the CCLS digital badge to verify current certification with just one click.  Although the CCLS Directory will still be available, we are certain that the CCLS digital badge will enhance and streamline this process.

How to Claim a Digital Badge

CCLSs will be contacted via email with detailed instructions about claiming the badge.  At that time, CCLSs will be directed to details on the use of the badge on the variety of available media.

Please add the following domains to your list of “safe senders” to help ensure the delivery of communications regarding digital badges: and

How to Add the Digital Badge to an Email Signature

Adding the badge to your email is a 2-step process that involves downloading the badge image and once you insert the image into your signature, hyperlinking it to the URL that is specific to your information.  There are step-by-step instructions for doing this at the links below; one is for Outlook users and the other for Gmail.

Digital Badge FAQs


Questions about the digital badge program may be directed to