Eligibility Requirements (After January 2025)

These eligibility requirements are for exams taking place after January 2025. If you plan to take the exam before 2025, click here to find the requirements for other time ranges.

Effective January 1, 2025, to establish eligibility for the Child Life Professional Certification Exam, the following will be required of all candidates by the deadline for the exam administration for which they are applying.


Degree Requirements

Minimum of a master's degree in child life

Child Life Clinical Internship

You can search for an Internship/Clinical Program in the Internship Directory.

600 hour Internship

Applicants must complete a minimum of 600 hours of a child life clinical internship under the direct supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist®.

Supervisor Qualifications

In order to be eligible to supervise an exam applicant’s internship hours, a CCLS must:

  • Maintain professional child life certification throughout the supervisory period.
  • Have a minimum of 4,000 hours of paid child life clinical experience prior to the start of the supervisory period.
  • Take responsibility for the educational development and guidance of the candidate in the clinical setting.

Verifying the Internship

Clinical experience is documented by an online verification process or via a Clinical Experience Verification Form, signed by a supervisor from the internship or fellowship.