Child Life Month

Celebrate the Child Life Profession in March

Children's Mercy Hospital_croppedThe child life specialists at Children's Mercy Hospital took bubbles to a whole new level with a bubble truck.
Lady of the Lake Child Life Month
The super child life specialists at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital had a superhero theme.
MD Anderson Children's CL Month
One reason staff at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital love child life.

Get Your Boss Involved!

We'll help by sending a letter to your hospital administrator and/or department head. It includes expressions of gratitude for the support of child life services and information about how healthcare leaders can celebrate Child Life Month.

If you would like to have this letter sent by email or mailed directly from ACLP, please:


We will honor requests for emails and letters for up to three separate contacts per member. Letter and email requests received by March 3, 2017 will be sent no later than March 10, 2017.

Child Life Month Activity Ideas

Looking for some creative ways to celebrate Child Life Month in your hospital or work place? The following series of ideas and templates is designed to kick-start your child life program's observance of Child Life Month.



Child Life Month Media Opportunities

Public service announcements, news releases, feature stories, and letters to the editor are great ways to publicize the important services provided by child life professionals. Here are some basic ideas for generating publicity!


"Child Life Month is over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop celebrating all of the amazing things child life specialists do for kids and families!"

- CCLS and ACLP Member


How Do You Celebrate Child Life Month?

We hope that you will share your success stories with us so that we can use them to inspire others from year to year. Email to tell us how you celebrate.