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Kristen Lawrence, M.Ed., CCLS - End-of-Life Care

by Bea Wikander | Dec 01, 2017
KristenLawrenceMEdCCLSKristen Lawrence, M.Ed., CCLS, works as a child life specialist at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. In 2016, Kristen played a vital role in providing end-of-life care to the family of a patient who had been diagnosed with brain death after an accident. She met with the patient's parents and two siblings, assessing each member's understanding of the situation so that she could identify the emotional state and needs of each person. She also helped create plaster molds and ink prints of the patient's hands to help families make memories. Kristen provided age-appropriate education for the children about the death of their sibling, offering resources such as coloring books, teddy bears, and a journal to soothe them. She participated in the organ donation discussion with the family, using age-appropriate language to help the children understand the organ donation process. Her participation led to a monumental outcome: a match for five children on the organ donation waiting list. Kristen feels "so thankful to be able to support children and families through some of the hardest circumstances they’ve ever had to face." Read the article on Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's website for more details about Kristen's experience:

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