Child Life Month

How ACLP Celebrated Child Life Month!

White Paper with The Beryl Institute

The ACLP Patient Experience Committee worked in collaboration with The Beryl Institute to produce a white paper, What Patient Experience Can Learn from Child Life Professionals. Thanks to The Beryl Institute, the white paper is available for free to all ACLP members.

Twitter Chat with Salud America! and HSC Health Care

ACLP teamed with Salud America! and HSC Health Care to co-host a Child Life Month themed chat, Celebrating Child Life Specialists & Kids with Disabilities.

Video message from ACLP CEO Jennifer Lipsey

In addition to the annual Child Life Month letter/email to administrators, CEO Jennifer Lipsey recorded a special message in celebration of child life professionals everywhere. You can watch her video below.

Guest Blogs on the Speak Now for Kids Website

In celebration of Child Life Month, the Speak Now for Kids website featured guest blogs about three Certified Child Life Specialists.

Read about Hanna Bratt here.

Read about Leslie Scott here.

Rachel K Prepping teddy
Read about Rachel Kinsinger here.

UCLA Child Life Month

Every March, Mercy Kid’s in Springfield, MO, celebrates child life month. The staff plan giveaways and activities and invite special visitors to celebrate the patients. This year, Rapunzel came to visit the patients in the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic and spent time reading and playing with patients. They loved her!

ACLP CEO Jennifer Lipsey offers a special Child Life Month message in celebration of the profession's contributions to children and families.
Children's Hospital of Michigan

The child life team at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL, kicked off their Child Life Month celebrations with a carnival!  There were carnival games, prizes and Ringling Brother clowns! 

Hospital Administrator Email

At your request, ACLP CEO Jennifer Lipsey will send an email or letter to your hospital administrator and/or department head that expresses her gratitude for their support of child life services and includes information about how healthcare leaders can celebrate Child Life Month. You may select a traditional hospital or community-based message.The deadline to request an email or letter is March 16.


Activity Ideas

Looking for some creative ways to celebrate Child Life Month in your hospital or work place? The following series of ideas and templates is designed to kick start your child life program's observance of Child Life Month.



Media Opportunities

Public service announcements, news releases, feature stories, and letters to the editor are great ways to publicize the important services provided by child life professionals. Here are some basic ideas for generating publicity.


Visit the ACLP Facebook page for more celebratory photos and videos. And make sure to use #ChildLifeinAction and #ChildLifeMonth on your Child Life Month social media posts.


How Do You Celebrate Child Life Month?

We hope you'll share your stories with us so we can use them to inspire others. Email to tell us how you celebrate.