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ACLP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

ACLP is committed to advancing work around diversity, equity, and inclusion as evidenced in the current 2022-2024 ACLP Strategic Plan. One of the strategic priority areas is DEI and includes goals such as embed DEI and antiracism principles into our organization through education and training, identify and dismantle barriers to success and create a welcoming and supportive environment so that people of every race, identity, and community can thrive, and establish meaningful connections with Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and Tribal College and Universities.

ACLP Definitions: 

Antiracism Statement: 
We commit to antiracism through the promotion of inclusion, belonging, and the emotional safety of patients, families, workforces, and the communities we serve. View ACLP's full statement condemning racism and discrimination.

Diversity:  Diversity is the representation of all our varied individual and collective identities and differences.  We proactively seek out and engage with a variety of perspectives because we believe we can only advance justice when we affirm our similarities and understand and find value in our differences.

Equity: Equity is fair treatment, equitable opportunities, and access to our information and resources for all. We recognize that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to address these imbalances. We believe achieving equity is only possible in an environment built on respect and dignity.

Inclusion: Inclusion is an environment and culture of belonging that actively invites the contribution and participation of people of every race, identity, and community. We believe every person’s voice adds value, and we strive to create balance in the face of power differences. We believe that no one person can or should be called upon to represent an entire community.

ACLP Inclusivity Goals

During all Association of Child Life Professionals meetings, we will use the diversity of thought within the group and will not allow power dynamics to stifle idea sharing.  When this environment is created, there is no one person or person’s ideas that manifest privilege over another.

  • All ideas will be given space and afforded active listening from the entire group.
  • We will allow all members of the group to speak uninterrupted.
  • We will each alternate using our voice and making space for other voices.
  • We will give credit appropriately.
  • We will use pronouns proactively.
  • We will criticize respectfully, constructively, and appropriately.
  • Important decisions will occur during the meeting where everyone will have a voice and a vote.

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