2022 ACLP Board of Directors Nominations


The ACLP Board of Directors provides governance and oversight for ACLP operations and initiatives. The role of each board member is to act in the best interest of the organization as a whole and to exercise the legal and financial duties of stewardship. It is vital to the growth and success of the organization that strong and committed individuals are elected to leadership positions. 

ACLP follows a best practice approach to board elections, in which the Nominating Committee undertakes a formal process to review candidates and develop a final recommended slate to present to the membership. This slate of candidates includes one recommended individual for each available position. 

2022 Board of Directors Nominations


The Nominating Committee aspires to present a slate of candidates that will result in a more diverse Board of Directors, including Black, Indigenous and Native American, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQ+ and members with different abilities as well as those from varying geographical areas, program sizes, cultural backgrounds, and settings (community vs. hospital based vs. academic positions).

For the 2022 ACLP Board, the ACLP Nominating Committee will consider all qualified candidates whose names are put forward during the nominations process. In order to be eligible for consideration, a candidate must be a Certified Child Life Specialist and an ACLP member in good standing with demonstrated leadership abilities and a history of active engagement in the organization and/or the child life profession. Eligibility for the President-elect role requires past membership on the Board of Directors. All ACLP Board of Directors candidates must accept certain responsibilities and possess key qualifications to be considered for a position on the Board.

Open Positions

For the 2022 election, there are four available positions: President-Elect, Treasurer, and two Directors. To read about the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of each position, see Board Positions & Qualifications.

Nominations Process

To nominate ACLP members or put forward your own name, please send a message to nominations@childlife.org, providing the candidates' names and contact information (including a current email address and work telephone number). All nominees will be required to complete the Candidate Application and a Conflict of Interest Form. In addition, the candidate's supervisor will need to submit a letter of recommendation and complete the Supervisor Approval Form (included in the Candidate Application).


Candidate Application
Conflict of Interest Form
Application Checklist


The deadline for nominating candidates is November 11. All application materials must be submitted by November 11.

Nominating Committee Members

Rebecca Meyers, MS, CCLS – Chair
Heather Bailey, MS, CCLS – Chair Elect
Michael Towne, CCLS
Missi Hicks, MS, CCLS, LCMHC, RPT-S
Emily Margolis, MS, CCLS
Chantelle Bennett, CCLS, CTRS
Nancy Ramhap, BS, CCLS
Sheila Palm, CCLS 
Katie McGinnis, CCLS, MPH
Meghan Mack, CCLS
Meghan Nguyen, CCLS
Hannah Knott, CCLS, MS, CTRP
Kim Stephens, MPA, CCLS - Board Liaison
Alison E. Heron, MBA, CAE - Staff Liaison

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