ACLP Board of Directors: Positions & Qualifications

To be eligible for consideration by the Nominating Committee, a candidate must be a Certified Child Life Specialist and an ACLP member in good standing, with demonstrated leadership abilities and a record of active engagement in ACLP and/or the child life profession in general.

Below is a list of each ACLP Board position. To learn more about a particular position, click on "Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities" for the position once it's in expanded view.

Board of Directors Positions

  • President

  • President-Elect

  • Immediate Past President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Director

  • Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders President

  • Child Life Certification Commission Chair

Attributes that will be part of the selection process for new board members:

1. Demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with ACLP and the child life community. Examples include but are not limited to service on an ACLP committee, the ACLP  Board of Directors, the CLCC, a task force, regional group or performing a comparable service with another organization.
          - Active ACLP membership in good standing
          - Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS)
2. Position of earned respect of other key stakeholder group members.
3. Demonstrated understanding of the differences between “oversight” and “supervision.”
4. Earned reputation for emotional maturity, personal integrity, and honesty.
5. The ability to think strategically and analytically and to effectively communicate thoughts and reasons for them.
6. The ability to work well with others as a member of a collaborative group with group decision-making authority and an understanding of the fiduciary duties of loyalty, care and obedience.

Primary Duties and Expectations of All Board Members:

1.    Ensure effective organizational planning.
2.    Determine and monitor ACLP's programs and services.
3.    Ensure that ACLP follows its strategic directions and goals.
4.    Evaluate ACLP’s success in achieving stated goals.
5.    Serve as Board liaison to assigned ACLP committees and/or task forces.
6.    Select and support the ACLP Executive Leader and reviews her/his performance.
7.    Ensure adequate resources.
8.    Manage resources effectively.
9.    Assess the Board's performance and agree to support any board decisions made, regardless of personal opinion or agenda.
10.    Commitment to participate in 3-4 board meetings a year (1 in-person in the Spring and again in the Fall). ACLP supports travel and lodging for all board meetings.  Board members are responsible for their own food (other than group board meal functions and during days of travel to attend board meetings), and incidental expenses.  Other necessary conference calls to conduct business will be scheduled according to need.
11.    Presentation skills - ease in making presentations, and in representing an organization or cause to individuals and to groups.
12.    High degree of professionalism
13.    Strong leadership Skills
14.    Enthusiastic to learn
15.    Dependable
16.    Resourceful
17.    Flexible
18.    Strong written and verbal communication skills

Time Commitment

Board members attend two Board meetings (one in the fall and one during the Annual Conference) and participate in two to four conference calls each year. Additionally, Board members participate in conference calls and ongoing communication with their assigned committees, task forces, and work groups. All Board meetings are funded by ACLP, and Board members will be reimbursed for approved out-of-pocket expenses.

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