Committees & Working Groups


At ACLP, our progress is fueled by the vision of our leaders and the hard work of a dedicated network of volunteers. The following is a list of active ACLP committees, work groups, and task forces. To learn more about the mission and current leadership of each group, please click on the links for More Information.

If you are a ACLP member interested in participating in one of these groups, please visit
Volunteer Opportunities for more information.


ACLP Committees/Sub-Committees, Work Groups & Task Forces

  • AAP Liaison

  • Academic Review Committee

  • Archives Management Committee

  • Awards Committee

  • Bulletin

  • Benchmarking/Research Datacenter Committee

  • Certification Commission and Committees

  • Community Based Practice Committee

  • Conference Program Committee

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Education and Training Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Governance Committee

  • Internship Accreditation Oversight Committee

  • Board Diversification Task Force

ACLP Committees/Sub-Committees, Work Groups & Task Forces Continued

  • Journal of Child Life

  • Mentorship Program Committee

  • Nominating Committee

  • Past Presidents Advisory Group

  • Patient and Family Experience Committee

  • Professional Resources Committee

  • Staffing Analytics Task Force

  • Sibling Impact Task Force

  • Volunteer Recognition and Engagement Committee

  • Web and Online Networking Committee (WONC)