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ACLP curates bi-weekly blog posts related to current events, evidence-based research, best practices and more to be the preeminent thought leader for the child life profession.

An advertorial is a type of advertisement that provides detailed information in the form of an article, even though it is paid content. It is a unique opportunity for a company to connect with its target audience through case studies or narratives, rather than a traditional ad in a publication or a banner ad on a website. 

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Advertorial Options

Each issue of the ACLP Bulletin has a limited amount of advertising space, which is sold on a first‑come, first-served basis. We recommend that you contact as early as possible in order to secure space in an upcoming issue. All advertisements must be prepaid.

Sponsor an ACLP Blog Post

Sponsorship includes
  • Banner advertisement at the top of the blog post
  • Name, logo, link included in all marketing for the blog post (ex: email, social media, etc)

Write Your Own Advertorial

Writing your own advertorial includes
  • One full-length published blog post
  • Blog post will remain on ACLP blog website indefinitely
  • Name, logo, link included in all marketing for blog post (ex: email, social media, etc.)
Cost per sponsored blog post: $500

For additional information on either opportunity email:

All ads are subject to approval by ACLP.

* Cancellation Policy: Customers who reserve ad or advertorial space and later cancel those positions will be contractually obligated to pay all premiums if those positions are not resold.

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