Child Life Certification Commission (CLCC)

Bindy Sweett

Chairperson - Bindy Sweett, CCLS

Prior to taking on the role of CLCC Chairperson in June 2018, Bindy was Chair Elect for two years.  From 2014-2016 she coordinated the Ethics and Appeals Committees, and prior to that time served on Exam Assembly, Practice Analysis Task Forces, Academic and other summits as well as participation in other certification-related positions. Her first experiences as an ACLP volunteer were with Item Writing and Review as early as 1998, preparing for the first certification by exam. She also worked as Chairperson of the Certifying Committee from 1999 until 2001.

The quality and quantity of work completed in the past two years challenges all those cumulative years of CLCC volunteer work prior to 2016. Although it has been challenging to come up to speed and respond with the rapidity with which CLCC performs, she looks forward to the next two years as Chair with a hardworking group of volunteers. Between stints with certification, Bindy was involved with the Internship and Practice Standards Task Forces, also completing 22 years as a clinician and 10 years as a child life instructor before retiring in 2011. Bindy’s personal interests including books, music, cooking, a love of nature and a fond admiration for winter sports, most of which she is terrified! She is the loving single parent on one wonderful grown son.

Sherwood Burns-Nader

Chair-Elect - Sherwood Burns-Nader, PhD, CCLS

Dr. Sherwood Burns-Nader is an assistant professor and coordinator of the child life program at The University of Alabama.  Sherwood has been a CCLS since 2006 and started her current position at The University of Alabama in 2011.  Sherwood is a researcher who examines the psychosocial issues impacting children and families in the medical setting, the benefits of child life interventions during medical procedures, and the value of play in children’s development and coping.  Sherwood loves giving back to her profession through research and the training of the next generation of Certified Child Life Specialists.  Sherwood began volunteering on the Child Life Certification Commission in 2013.  She has served on the item writing, item reviewing, recertification audit, ethics, and certification communications committees.  Currently, Sherwood is the chair-elect- of the commission.  For fun, Sherwood loves spending time with her husband, Philip and their four-year-old son, Trip and cheering on the Crimson Tide in any sports.   


Past Chair - Nancy Ramhap, BS, CCLS

Nancy has been a member of CLC since 1990, was certified in 1991 and by exam in 2003.  Nancy’s involvement with CLCC began in 2004 when she began as an item writer.  From there, she spent time lending her expertise to the Item Review, and Exam Assembly committees.  Prior to her position as CLCC Chair, she served on the Ethics Committee and Appeals Committee.  From 2014-2016, Nancy served as Chair-elect to the CLCC, followed by her role as Chair from 2016 to 2018.  In addition to her committee duties, she has been part of several other projects including being a panel member for the 2013 and 2018 Job Analyses, the Strategic Planning process in 2015, and helped lead the Academic and Clinical Summit in 2016. In conjunction with her role as CLCC Chair, Nancy became a member of the ACLP Board in 2016. 

She co-presented a webinar for ACLP in 2017.  She has been a presenter on two occasions at the Delaware Valley Association of Child Life Professionals.  Nancy has authored patient education materials in relation to surgery preparation, coping and parenting.  Currently, Nancy is a Certified Child Life Specialist on an infant and toddler unit.  She has been practicing clinically at the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital since 1991.  In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Nancy has led or been a part of numerous committees and tasks including camps for children with medical needs, Children’s Miracle Network-related events, and education for employees.  

ACLP Past President - Eileen Clark, CCLS

Eileen Clark has been a member of the Association for Child Life Professionals (ACLP) since 1989. She served as a board member for the ACLP, term: 2013-2015 and as President term: 2016-2019. Eileen is a consultant for the Association of Child Life Professionals Program Review service and has served on the following ACLP committees:  Corporate Advisory Council Task Force, Leadership Development Committee and Governance Committee – Policy subcommittee.

Eileen is the Family Services Manager at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with oversight for the following programs: Child Life and Expressive Therapies, Spiritual Care, Bereavement and Volunteer Services. 

Eileen worked as a child life specialist in oncology services for 15 years prior to her leadership position.  During her tenure as a CCLS she was instrumental in implementing special programming for grief and bereavement as well as young adult and sibling support groups that are still operational today. 

Eileen’s passion for staff support was ignited through leading a Six Sigma Project incorporating a healthy and emotionally supportive work environment for staff caring for a child at end-of-life.  Eileen also participated in a research role via the National Institute for Health within the palliative care program.

Commissioner - Leslie Brown, CCLS

Leslie Brown is a Child Life Manager and Internship Coordinator at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  Leslie has been a CCLS since 1999 and started in January 2003 at CMH where she has worked primarily in the pediatric intensive care unit, intensive care nursery, and emergency department.  Leslie has been an active volunteer for ACLP and CLCC, including past involvement with the Professional Resource Committee and as Ethics Co-Chair and Appeals.  She has served as an item writer, item reviewer, and Chair of Exam Assembly as well.  

Away from the hospital, Leslie enjoys spending time with her 14-year-old son, John who will be a freshman in high school this year.  She loves spending time with her nieces and nephew and other friends and family.  Leslie enjoys watching sports, attending the theater and trying new restaurants.  She is passionate about serving and supporting the Certification Commission and continuing to uphold the highest standard of professional practice and maintaining and preserving the integrity of the Child Life Code of Ethics.

Commissioner - Katie McGinnis, MPH, CCLS

After becoming certified in May 2009, Katie worked as a CCLS at two different children’s hospitals for 6 years.  Since 2015, she has lived in both Uganda and Kenya, working to scale up psychosocial care services for impoverished children and families in healthcare settings. She currently resides in Zambia where she is the Director of Psychosocial Services for Family Legacy Missions International, a non-profit that operates the largest orphanage in Africa and provides education and care for 16,000 vulnerable children. In addition to serving on the Conference Planning Committee and the International Collaboration Committee, Katie has served on the CLCC as both an Item Writer and an Item Reviewer since 2013. 

Commissioner - Geri Sehnert, CCLS

Geri is the Chair of the Communications Committee of the CLCC.  Geri began her CLCC volunteerism by joining the Appeals Committee in 2010. Over the years, she has worked as an item writer, item reviewer and also on the exam assembly committee. She is continuing on the Appeals Committee and looking forward to leading the Communications Committee. Being involved with several committees within the CLCC has been truly rewarding. The focused and prolific amount of work that the CLCC tackles is both daunting and rewarding. Geri looks forward to leading the Communications Committee and exploring ways that the CLCC can inform members of certification requirements in a way that is clear and helpful.  
Geri is currently in her 9th year as a CCLS in the Pediatric Surgical Center at Golisano Children’s Hospital. She has been a CCLS since 1989 and was the first child life specialist at Tucson Medical Center and Children’s Clinic for Rehabilitative Services in Tucson, AZ. Some of her fondest memories are of meeting lifelong friends at child life conferences over the years. In her free time, Geri enjoys pursuing fitness goals, reading, and spending time with her husband and her two children. Though they are both young adults, they are still influenced by Geri’s love of play!


Commissioner - Sara Reynolds, CCLS, CIMI

Sara Reynolds has been certified since 2006 and is currently a child life specialist in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Operating Rooms at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX where she serves as a mentor and preceptor to new employees and is currently serving as a mentor in the ACLP Mentoring Program. Sara began volunteering with the Child Life Certifying Commission in 2008 as an item writer and has since served on the Item Review, Exam Assembly, and PDU Audit Committees. Sara has been the chair of the Item Writing and Item Review Committees, where she was instrumental in developing and implementing a coaching program for item writers. Sara currently serves as the Chair of Item Writing and is a member of the Ethics committee. Outside of her work Sara enjoys cycling, spending time with friends, and eating all the Tex-Mex in Houston! 

Commissioner - Lucy Raab, CCLS

Lucy Raab is the Assistant Director of the Child Life department at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. Lucy has been a CCLS since 2000 and started her career at Children’s Mercy working with patients and families on a rehabilitation unit. She has also worked with children and families in various areas of the hospital including: Orthopedics, Kidney disease/transplant, and general medical surgery. Lucy has been an active volunteer for ACLP serving primarily on CLCC, first serving as an Item Writer and Reviewer, and then trying her hand at all tasks related to certification as well as participating in a Practice Analysis and Strategic Planning for ACLP. Lucy represented CLCC as its chair and on the Board of Directors from 2012-2014. She has remained involved with CLCC as a member of the Appeals Committee. Away from the hospital, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and traveling.

Commissioner - Monica Gibson, CCLS

Monica Gibson has been a child life specialist for 10 years.  She received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Millsaps College (2007) and a Master of Science in Victim Services Management from Sam Houston State University (2017).  She began her child life career working at Johns Hopkins and currently works with the University Health System in San Antonio, TX.  For over 6 years, Monica has been helping with the child life certification process.  Monica and her husband have two children, Annabelle (4 years old) and Dean (1 year old).


Commissioner - Jennifer Mangers, CCLS, CIMI

Jennifer Mangers graduated from Illinois State University with a Masters in Child Life through their Family and Consumer Sciences Department.  She then moved to Minnesota and worked at the Mayo Clinic on their pediatric floors with a focus of care in the PICU, Cardiac ICU and NICU. After that she returned to Illinois and started a child life program for a home-based pediatric hospice and palliative care organization.  She continues to work there as the Pediatric Team Manager.  She has been involved with CLCC for several years on different committees including Item Writing, Item Review, Ethics, Appeals.

Staff Liaison - Ame Enright

Ame Enright is the Director of Certification for the Association of Child Life Professionals.  Ame has worked on all aspects of the Child Life Certification Program since 2006.  For a brief period in 2016, Ame worked as the Associate Director of Certification for the Security Industry Association, but her passion for the child life profession called her back to ACLP in 2017.