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ACLP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan

ACLP’s Antiracism Statement
We commit to antiracism through the promotion of inclusion, belonging, and the emotional safety of patients, families, workforces, and the communities we serve.

As a follow up to ACLP’s Statement Condemning Racism and Discrimination, ACLP created a DEI Action Plan for leadership, personal development, academic programs, and clinical programs. This DEI Action Plan is currently under review by the DEI Committee and the ACLP Board of Directors for suggested revisions and improvements. An updated version of this DEI Action Plan will be released at the end of 2022 / early 2023. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

ACLP Inclusivity Goals

During all Association of Child Life Professionals meetings, we will use the diversity of thought within the group and will not allow power dynamics to stifle idea sharing.  When this environment is created, there is no one person or person’s ideas that manifest privilege over another.

  • All ideas will be given space and afforded active listening from the entire group.
  • We will allow all members of the group to speak uninterrupted.
  • We will each alternate using our voice and making space for other voices.
  • We will give credit appropriately.
  • We will use pronouns proactively.
  • We will criticize respectfully, constructively, and appropriately.
  • Important decisions will occur during the meeting where everyone will have a voice and a vote.

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