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ACLP Statement on the Separation of Children from Families

Jun 19, 2018
The Association of Child Life Professionals joins other professional organizations whose members have expertise in child development, health, and welfare in opposing the traumatic separation of children from their families by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Children who experience separation from family members and relocation to Department of Homeland Security facilities will face serious, potentially long-term psychological trauma.

ACLP shares the concerns outlined in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Policy Statement on the Detention of Immigrant Children and urges that all children housed in government facilities receive evidence-based, developmentally appropriate care in order to minimize the negative psychological impact of family separation. Any facility housing children should be staffed with professionals trained in child development and the emotional and psychosocial care of children. ACLP urges the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to limit family separation and encourages U.S. policymakers to advocate for the emotional and physical safety needs of all children.

We thank the many ACLP members who have contacted us about this issue and ask that you consider adding your voice to the debate by contacting your political representatives and sharing your views using the #protectfamilies and #keepfamiliestogether hashtags. Additionally, several ACLP members have chosen to sign the Child's World America petition.

ACLP is committed to representing your views on issues affecting the children and families in our global community. Please continue to share your opinions with us at

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