2015-2016 ACLP Rebranding Initiative

Why Do Organizations Rebrand?

Organizations rebrand for any number of reasons, including:

  • New audiences
  • Growth
  • Industry changes
  • Expanded reach (e.g. national to international)
  • Outdated image
  • New organizational goal

What Happens When Organizations Rebrand?

Rebranding can consist of a number of outcomes, including:

  • refreshing or completely remaking the logo
  • changing names
  • looking at the color palette
  • updating messaging to align with new goals
  • updating messaging to align with the changing external climate

Rebranding Deliverables

Messaging Handbook


Message Handbook Cover

Stationery with new logo, including letterhead, business cards, & envelopes


ACLP Identity_Presentation_R3_Page_1

ACLP Identity_Presentation_R3_Page_2

Overview of Rebranding Process

Rebranding Process

Overview of Rebranding Timeline

Rebrand Timeline Part 1Rebrand Timeline Part 2

Final ACLP Logo

ACLP Rebrand - Logo

Final ACLP Certification Logo

Rebrand - Certification Logo

ACLP Brand Standards Guide


Want to know more?

Check out some of the reports from our PR firm below!

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