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The following are frequently asked questions with corresponding answers regarding the Internship Readiness Common Application.

Answers have been provided by the Internship Readiness Work Group and ACLP Board of Directors representatives. 

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Internship Readiness Common Application Components & Use

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Timeline for Internship Readiness Common Application Launch

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Pilot Sites

  • What percent of applicants had familiarity with the old common application vs. those that had only ever used the new application?

  • Was the group of applicants for the pilot application process with three sites diverse?

  • Could the pilot sites be expanded for the Summer 2023 Internship Cycle to gather additional feedback?

  • Did the pilot sites complete a 1 or 2 step interview process?

  • Can you share how you decided to roll this out after only 1 cycle, instead of waiting for more data?

  • What did the internship selection process and interview process look like for the pilot sites after they received the internship readiness common application?

  • How is the feedback from the pilot programs not considered bias when the three hospitals were connected to members in the work group?

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  • For endorsed academic programs, what do the students submit instead of the eligibility assessment?

  • Is a recommendation from ACLP being made on courses in-progress versus courses being complete prior to applying for internships? Do these students need to hold for the next round to have the eligibility assessment updated?

  • How does the academic curriculum connect to internship readiness?

  • How should academic programs prepare students for this standard of readiness?

  • As the main point of applicant support for academic stakeholders, why were letters of recommendation removed?

  • I am not sure that academics are unbiased when it comes to recommendations. Our program’s success is largely pinned on our students’ abilities to obtain an internship.

  • Can we request reference letters at a later point in the application process?

  • Are most programs still only considering applicants working towards their masters, or are they open to undergraduates who have received their bachelors?

  • How does the new application impact endorsed programs?

  • Will there be any need for academic professionals to verify or validate any experience hours that are submitted through the learner’s application at any point in the process?

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Internship Sites

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