CCLS Connection Newsletter

The Certification Communications Committee is charged with communicating with the public regarding the certification program, including publication of the CCLS newsletter. The CCLS Connection usually contains the following:

  • Message from the Child Life Certification Commission Chairperson
  • Important Dates to Remember
  • Certification Program Update and Highlights
  • Feature Articles


April 2023

Exploring PDU Opportunities at 2023 Child Life Conference
Get to Know Your Appeals Committee Chair Elect
At Least Two Birds With One Stone: Earning PDUs While Serving Your Department & The Community

December 2022

Upcoming Changes to the Child Life Internship Application
Volunteer Experiences
It Pays to Pay On Time
Make Your Mark: Volunteering with ACLP

September 2022

Why Certify? Why Recertify?
PDU Ideas
An Interview with a Member of the Recertification Audit Committee
Recertification Audit FAQs

May 2022

Everyday Work and PDUs
Coordinating an Internship and PDUs
Identifying Unique PDU Opportunities
Maintaining Certification During a Pandemic

November 2021

Benchmarking Report: Certification Fees
Making ACLP Connect Work For You!
Tips for Organizing Your PDUs
Certification by PDUs and the Audit Process

August 2021

Research PDUs' Value Increased
Making Ethical Decisions in Child Life Practice 2nd Edition Available
Classification of PDUs Relating to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Emotional Safety Initiative

March 2021

Consider volunteering with CLCC
Making the Most of the ACLP Virtual Conference

November 2020

Virtual Internship Activities: One Program's Experience
Incorporating DEI into Your Recertification

August 2020

PDUs During the Pandemic
Changes to the CL Code of Ethics

April 2020

Updated PDU Resource Available
CLCC Statements in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 2019

Certification Lapse, Expiration and the Appeals Process: What You Need to Know

July 2019

PDU Audit FAQs
Introducing: Child Life Code of Ethics (Revised)
Digital Badges
CLCC Toolkit Affirming Clinical Experience through Exam Content Outline

February 2019

Certification Exam Development
Interview: Danielle Babcock, CCLS
CLCC Election Results
New Eligibility Verification Forms

November 2018

Resources for Establishing Eligibility for the Certification Exam
Accessing Focus Articles to Obtain PDUs

September 2018

What is "Entry Level," and What is its Relevance to Certification?
Accessing Focus Articles to Obtain PDUs

May 2018

Thinking Outside the Box: Options for Obtaining PDUs for Recertification
Job Analysis Update
Sociology Courses for Establishing Eligibility for the Certification Exam

December 2017

What's in a Domain? The Exam Content Outline and PDUs

September 2017

Read All About It: Introducing the Certification Communications Committee