Digital Badges - Coming Soon!

A digital badge represents an achievement, skill, or credential online.  The Child Life Certification Commission will issue digital badges to all Certified Child Life Specialists to be used to represent visually the achievement of earning the CCLS designation.

With a single click on the badge, the viewer is directed to verifiable information about the rigorous process of earning the credential, the Child Life Certification Commission, and the Association of Child Life Professionals. This allows the viewer to confirm the current validity of certification and learn more about the requirements, professional skills, and competencies involved.

With digital badges, CCLSs can take ownership of their achievement by displaying the badge on social media and other platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, as well as over email and on personal websites. This sharing capability helps CCLSs move forward professionally by making them more visible to employers and peers in professional communities.

Our digital badging partner, Acclaim, provides a link from CCLSs’ badges to real-time labor market data, meaning that they can connect with active job postings that require the credential and/or its relevant skills.