Digital Badges

The Child Life Certification Commission provides Certified Child Life Specialists with a digital badge which will help credential holders inform coworkers, employers, potential employers, and other parties of their achievement.  The CCLS badge can be used in a variety of media and provides real-time verification of certification status.

CCLS Connection Newsletter Archives

The Certification Communications Committee is charged with communicating with the public regarding the certification program, including publication of the CCLS newsletter.

Practicum Information


Practicums are designed as introductory experiences for individuals interested in pursuing a career in child life.

While the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) does not require specific practices or protocols for child life practicums at this time, and child life practicums are not currently accepted to establish eligibility for the Child Life Professional Certification Examination, ACLP encourages child life practicum programs to follow these recommendations set forth in 2013 by the ACLP Practicum Task Force.


Candidate Manual

Maintenance and Recertification Manual

Certification Forms

Child Life Course Verification Form

Clinical Experience Verification Form

CLCC Toolkit: Affirming Clinical Experience through Exam Content Outline 

Annual Attestation

Testing Accommodations Request

Application for Remote Supervision of a Clinical Internship Under Extenuating Circumstances

Ethics Complaint/Review Request Form