ACLP Bulletin

Fall 2019 | VOL. 37 NO. 4



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  2 Field of Dreamers
  3 On Being a Catalyst for Change
  5 Applause for Our Academics
  6 Alphabet 2.0: S is for Sibling Programming: The Next Level
10 New Ways of Thinking and Doing: A Theoretical Vision for Child Life
15 ACLP Honors the 2019 Research Recognition Award Recipients
18 Fantastical Play and Imaginary Companions: A Potential Tool for Child Life Intervention
23 Changing Perspectives: Becoming a SUPERvisor: The Positive Aspects of Hosting an Intern
25 Paying it Forward: A Tribute to Past Editors of Child Life Focus
34 Back to School: Child Life Interventions in the Education System
39 Perfectly Polished: Student Professionalism Before the Internship
41 Integrating Animal Assisted Therapy into Self-Care Support for Medical Professionals Who Care for Critically Ill Children and Their Families
44 "I Just Need the iPad" Identifying a Health Balance of iPad Utilization in Child Life Practice
46 Book Review: The Deepest Well
48 Specialized Resources: School Re-entry with a Chronic Illness
52 Pathways to Professional Inquiry: Navigating the Different Types of Empirical Literature
54 Moments from the Past: Kristine Angoff: An Early Leader in Hospital Play Programs





28 POP IT: Standardizing Pain Management in the Emergency Department to Improve the Healthcare Experience

Meredith Church, MS, CCLS
Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, Fort Myers, FL

Dana Burnett, MS, CCLS
Shreveport, LA

Research shows that the use of pain management, One Voice, and positioning for comfort can help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and increase coping in children during painful procedures. The POP IT program was created to standardize care during all invasive procedures in the pediatric emergency department at Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida. The use of POP IT has improved patient and family experiences, provided more consistent care, and promoted the culture of caring among emergency department staff.


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