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Spring 2018 | VOL. 36 NO. 2


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  1 Etched in Concrete
  3 Coming Together
  5 Balancing Continuity and Change
  7 M is for Mentorship
10 What does the Change in Degree Requirements Really Mean?
12 Making Her Mark in Child Life History: Celebrating Joan Turner, PhD, CCLS
14 Focus on the Flame: A Look at Burnout After a Few Years
16 When Coping Styles Clash: The ADAA Pathway to Support Competing Coping Efforts
21 Embracing Technology for the Hospitalized Child
24 Child Life in Kenya: Overcoming the Challenges of Certification
26 Loose Parts: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
34 Focus Supplement: The ELF Workshop Through the Lens of 5S
38 Exploring Communications Differences: Complications Children with Disabilities Face in Medical Settings
41 ACLP Conference: Bring the Inspiration Home
43 Shining a Light on Internship Accreditation
46 Book Review: Loss, Trauma, and Resilience: Therapeutic Work with Ambiguous Loss
48 Pathways to Professional Inquiry: QI Step by Step
53 Moments from the Past: Today's Conversation's are Tomorrow's History
54 Beyond the Classroom: Supporting Siblings


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28 Season of Giving: Applying LEAN Concepts to Improve the Process of Holiday Gift Donations

Michael Campbell, Ph.D, LCSW
Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL

Samantha Garrett Klaff, MS, CCLS
Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando, FL

Holiday donations, though well intended, cause significant “downstream” consequences for pediatric hospitals in reacting to this generosity. This article explores the development of an “Elf Workshop,” one children’s hospital’s effort to embrace the opportunity of charitable gift giving, as a system which applies LEAN tools, such as the 5S process, to explore an ongoing process improvement strategy that is widely employed across the healthcare marketplace. LEAN‚process improvements are centered around the core idea that process change should be patient/customer focused (as opposed to system/clinician focused) with an aim towards creating more value for customers in the most efficient way possible. These efficiencies hold the lofty goal of driving out all waste in a process until there is zero waste in the process and the most value to the customer. In this article, the Elf Workshop process is described, LEAN concepts are summarized, and direct application of these concepts to the holiday donations are offered to streamline processes. The data collected at one hospital over five years clearly demonstrates that a well-organized system can yield tremendous benefits both direct (return on investment [ROI] estimate of $346,322.40) and indirect (increased network of skilled volunteers and philanthropic giving). This paper also identifies steps taken to create process efficiencies aimed to increase the quality and quantity of appropriate donations and decrease the work load on child life specialists, thus increasing their ability to offer quality clinical care to children in need. Active attention will be paid to lessons learned in the administration of this process for others who are interested in taking this journey..


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