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ACLP Bulletin

Summer 2018 | VOL. 36 NO. 3

Special Issue: Professional Identity


In This Issue


  1 Defining Questions
  3 Harnessing the Potential
  4 Your Impact as We Plan Next Steps
  6 N is for Narrative Identity
  9 Professional Identity as Reflected in Scope of Practice
12 The Development of Professional Identity: Change Over Time
16 Renee Savic: 2018 Mary Barkey Clinical Excellence Award Recipient
18 Show Me the Money!
22 The Child Life Professional’s Identity and Credibility: Is It Worth the “Risks and Pains”?
34 ACLP and AAP: Partners in Pediatric Care
34 The American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement on Child Life: Crafting a Supportive Document
36 How Many? What Goes Where? A Code to Demystify the Recertification Requirements
42 Identifying as a Minority: The Journey to Child Life
44 Book Review: The Handbook of Child Life: A Guide for Pediatric Psychosocial Care, Second Edition
46 Integrating Research into Clinical Practice: Expanding the Child Life Identity
48 Pathways to Professional Inquiry Step 3: Develop SMART Aim & Measures
51 Filling Gaps in Service: What is the Identity of a Child Life Specialist in Private Practice?
56 Moments from the Past: Uniforms … To Be or Not To Be

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26 Re-Constructing the Play Lady: Child Life and the Female Human Identity

Divna Wheelwright, MA, CCLS
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Oakland, CA

Child life is a field conceived of play ladies (Wotjasik & White, 2009). Despite their early developmental emphasis, most play ladies in North America’s first play programs for hospitalized children were not taken seriously and, arguably, reduced to congenial background players (Browne, 2015). The association that exists between the play ladies of the early 1920s and modern child life specialists is an enduring point of controversy within the field. While some specialists have embraced this history with pride, others view the association as limiting and subjective. Regardless of one’s personal stance, professional work with children is often equated with a feminine attribute (Davies, 2003).

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