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  1 New Year, New Transitions
  3 Gratitude and Leading the Way
  4 Strategy
  5 ACLP Conference Program Committee News
  6 P is for the Power in Words
10 Redesigning the Pediatric Evening of Remembrance
14 Child Life Work and Qualitative Research: A Perfect Match
17 Specialized Resources: Supporting the NICU Preemie Family
28 Edible Loose Parts: Bone Structure
30 Book Review: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
32 Beyond the Classroom: Finding My Way: Strategies for Entry into the Child Life Profession
35 Pathways to Professional Inquiry
     Step 5: Identifying Potential Interventions and Plan and Execute Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles

 Moments from the Past: The Zaadi Doll

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20 The Role of Child Life Specialists in the Successful Transition to Self-Management of Adolescent Chronic Illness

Britta Johnson, MEd, CCLS
Essential Health, St. Mary's Health, Duluth, MN

Chronic illnesses can affect individuals for their entire lives. With today’s medical advances, many children with chronic illness reach adulthood. As children with chronic illness age, they become responsible for their own care. Transitioning to self-management of care can be difficult, and without the proper support, unsuccessful. This article examines the many challenges adolescents face while transitioning to self-management of care and proposes how child life specialists can support this process and the patients, families, and medical providers involved in the transition. Future research is needed to examine the efficacy of the purposeful integration of child life specialists into care teams for adolescents transitioning to self-management of care.

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