First Book Marketplace


We're pleased to share that a partnership with First Book will allow all ACLP members to have free access to a variety of materials designed to support  the work of educating and supporting children.

ACLP Members May Access the Following:

  • free, downloadable resources
  • low-cost books and educational resources
  • low-cost games and activities

Books can be used to build program libraries, for treatment and programming use, or sent home for families to enjoy together.


Registration is easy! Click here to sign up for the First Book Marketplace. A few things to remember when completing the registration form: 

  • Choose "Non-profit" for the "I work at/represent a..." question.
  • Choose "Health department/clinic" as your organization type.
  • If your hospital receives federal funding, choose "Federally Qualified Health Centers" from the Program Classification drop down.
  • If your hospital doesn't receive federal funding, choose "Children with Special Needs" from the Program Classification drop down.
  • After you've completed the basic information page and created your password, choose Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) from the Affiliations drop down.

Visit the First Book Marketplace

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