2020 Child Life Annual Conference

Opening Keynote Speaker

James Burroughs

James Burroughs

James Burroughs is the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. 

#EquityActions = #PostiveResults

What is equity and inclusion? What are equity actions?

Besides being very popular buzz words, it seems most organizations understand the value of discussing equity, diversity and inclusion, but few have created sustainable actions with long term strategies and goals to help create positive outcomes. 

How do we change culture and strive for health, economic and social equity? How is success measured and what difference will it make?  How do we hold ourselves accountable?  

We will explore #EquityActions and how they lead to transformative change.  We will address these questions and more, creating a child life toolkit and learning how to become and Equity Action Champion!

Professional Development