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Virtual Exhibit Hall Instructions

Update: The Google drive for the Child Life Virtual Exhibit Hall is now available. Upload your content here.

Thank you for signing up to be an exhibitor for the Child Life Virtual Conference. Your virtual booth will allow you to connect with conference attendees and promote your organization. Below is a list of items we will need from you to build your booth along with a sample of how it will be laid out.

You will have up to six content areas for your booth. You may use all six or just one. If you would prefer to build your own exhibit page on your website and provide the URL to link to, that is also an option.

Here are the available content areas:

  1. Logo/About Us: This section will include your logo and any text you provide.
  2. Resources: This section will include any links to share with participants.
  3. Contact Us: This section will include your contact information.
  4. Video/Image Area: This section is for uploading an image or video embed code.
  5. Open Content Area: This is a space where you can get creative and add another video, more text, additional images, links, etc.
  6. Chat Room to connect with attendees: This is an optional item that costs $100. 


We will need all of your content by Friday, May 8. Content will accepted through May 17, but it may not be uploaded in time for the start of conference. 

What type of content can I upload?

There are no file size limitations on video files except those sent as MP4s, which cannot be larger than 1.2 GB. For larger videos, a direct link or embed code could be provided. File types supported in the virtual exhibit hall include all the basic MS Office files, PDFs, JPGs, and MP3/MP4 files. You may also submit RSS feeds and video embed codes such as from Vimeo or YouTube. For your logo, please upload the highest resolution file and file size you can provide; the virtual exhibit hall site will automatically adjust the logo to suit a user's screen resolution.

Where do I upload my content?

Use the following Google drive to upload content and files for your booth. Please upload to your specific folder only. The Google drive is available here.

How do I design the layout of my booth?

A mocked up version of your exhibit booth space or written instructions are helpful. You may also submit your files and artwork without instructions, and we will arrange and categorize them for you. If you would like to change the order or appearance of content, please email bwikander@childlife.org.

How does the chat tool work?

The chat tool is an optional add on at $100 per exhibit booth. The chat area will be visible for the entire duration of the conference, but we recommend posting specific times a real person will be available to provide support. Otherwise, visitors can leave a message for exhibitors. If you would like to add the chat tool to your booth, email Bea Wikander at bwikander@childlife.org.

Questions? Contact: Bea Wikander at bwikander@childlife.org

Sample Booth Layout

Sample Booth

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