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Become a Sponsor of the 40th Annual Child Life Conference

Show your support for the child life community. Establish new connections, broaden existing relationships, and contribute to goodwill in the child life community.  

All Sponsorships include the following: 

  • Sponsor can include offer to all event guests in pre-conference email  

  • Logo on conference website  

  • Logo on conference app  

  • Logo in Conference Program (digital)  

  • Logo in ACLP Bulletin Summer Issue Sponsor page  

  • Logo on sponsor signage onsite  

  • Virtual booth exhibit 

If you prefer to develop a custom sponsorship to meet your specific needs, please contact Keri O’Keefe at kokeefe@childlife.org to learn more about how your organization can participate. 

To see a PDF version of Sponsorship offerings, click here.

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Sponsorship Opportunity
Cost Half-Page Ad
4 virtual conference
registrations & 2 
in-person registrations
Branded (logo) Hand Sanitizer Stations  $500    
Session Sponsor (video to play prior to session & branding on session info) $1,500   x 
Charging Station  $2,500  x 
Branded (logo) Anti-Microbial Pens  $2,000 x  
Branded (logo) Notebooks  $2,000 x   
Branded (logo) Individual Hand Sanitizers for all Attendees  $5,000  x
Branded (logo) Masks $7,500   x   x 
Branded (logo) Water Bottles  $2,000   x   x 
Branded (logo) Lanyards  $5,000 x  x 
Branded (logo) Room Keycards  $7,500 x  x 
Branded (logo) tote bags  $7,500 x  x 
All benefits subject to availability, meeting deadlines, and materials being reviewed and approved by ACLP. 

“The attendees at this conference are a fun group with fresh ideas, wonderful enthusiasm, and fantastic energy. We really enjoy interacting with the attendees at the ACLP conference ever year.”
- Monica Lauderdale, Memories
“We have attended in the past and still found the conference valuable. We met plenty of Child Life Specialists who weren’t familiar with our products and were interested to learn more.” 

- Hannah Doty, V.I.P. Hospital Productions 
“We had a wonderful experience at the conference. It’s a great opportunity to share our services with Child Life professionals from across the country… We always leave feeling more enriched.” 

- Jen Burke and Neile Davis, Sara’s Smiles Foundation 
“The exhibit hall was open an ample amount of time to promote traffic to our booth and give us the best platform to promote our graduate program.” 

Sarah Spafford, Azusa pacific University 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Sponsor webpage

COVID-19 Protocol

Every individual who participates in the Child Life Conference will be required to provide proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or an exemption letter. If you present an exemption letter, a negative COVID-19 test result must be submitted within 48-hours of arriving at the conference.

Professional Development