The ACLP Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides ACLP members with a structured, six-month program designed to support the career development and growth of child life specialists.

The online application process for the 2021 Mentorship Program is now closed.  Please check back later this Summer for more information about the 2022 Mentorship Program.   

Click here for more information about the 2021 Mentorship Program Requirements.

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New for 2021 Mentorship Program: Small Group Mentoring!

In an effort to be innovative and continue to grow the ways we provide mentoring to professionals, we are offering a pilot project unique to our 2021 program.  This project will pair two mentors and three mentees for small group discussions, which differs from our one on one mentoring opportunities.  Based upon work already being done within our field, we strongly believe that this will provide participants with the opportunity to further their professional growth through collaboration and group discussions.  We are looking for Mentees and Mentors to help pilot this project, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please look for the question in the application related to this pilot.  

are child life specialists who would like support in general, or in reaching specific goals, while mentors use their experience, knowledge, and leadership skills to provide this support. All prospective participants fill out an application (including resume and letter of support or reference), and the mentor program sub-committee matches the mentor/mentee pairs.

The ACLP Mentor Program is guided by two main ideas:

1. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

Child life specialists at all stages of their career can benefit from being mentored, and child life specialists with different amounts & types of experiences have the ability to mentor effectively, regardless of shared experiences or expertise. The ideal mentor/mentee relationship is reciprocal, with both individuals learning through the partnership.

2. Every child life specialist is a leader.

Whether working in a clinical, academic, or formal leadership role, every child life specialist has opportunities to impact positive change. By developing their leadership skills, child life specialists both enhance their efficacy in their current roles and prepare themselves for future career prospects. Therefore, the ACLP mentor program includes webinar content with a leadership development focus.

The ACLP Mentor Program will run from January through June, 2021. Mentees will work with their mentors to determine what is desired out of the mentorship program, and mentors & mentees will communicate on a regular basis throughout the six months. All participants will also attend monthly webinars about leadership development topics, with a focus on leadership development of child life professionals in all areas of practice.

Certified Child Life Specialists working in all areas (including clinical environments, academic settings, or in formal leadership roles) are welcome to participate in the ACLP Mentor Program.

The program features monthly live webinars to provide participants up to 6 PDUs.

Please reach out to with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Mentor Program