Resources for Child Life Specialists

ACLP offers a variety of resources to support research, program development, and evidence-based practice within the child life community.

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ACLP Monthly

The ACLP Monthly is a monthly e-newsletter that provides more than 5,500 ACLP members with the latest child life news and research updates. The ACLP Monthly and the ACLP Bulletin, a quarterly publication, are benefits of ALCP membership. For membership information, please click here.

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#ChildLife Podcast

ACLP's new podcast connects you to all that's happening at the Association of Child Life Professionals and the professional world of child life. The #ChildLife Podcast is intended for ACLP members, child life specialists, partners, and charities involved with the wonderful world of child life, and for those looking to become a child life professional. Connect with professional opportunities, stay informed about child life news, and learn about what's new in child life.

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Resource Library

The ACLP Resource Library is a constantly evolving collection of resources provided by ACLP members and friends. Comprised of hundreds of helpful websites, references, and samples, the Resource Library is designed to enhance your child life knowledge and is searchable by topic, diagnosis, and age group.

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ACLP members can access the Resource Library here.

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  • Review the list of relevant resources. Click on a resource for more information.

Child Life Professional Data Center

The Child Life Professional Data Center (CLPDC) is a tool to help child life programs track and compare programmatic and capacity for patient impact data with others.

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Psychosocial Risk Assessment in Pediatrics (PRAP)

The Psychosocial Risk Assessment in Pediatrics (PRAP) is now available! This validated screening tool, developed by a team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, was designed to assess pediatric patients’ risk for experiencing elevated distress during health care encounters, and includes a database that stores, organizes, and analyzes psychosocial data.

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Program Review Service

Since 1987, the Child Life Council has offered a highly effective and comprehensive Program Review Service. This service is the only one established by CLC and is conducted by senior, highly experienced certified child life specialist (CCLS) professionals. These reviews have provided child life programs with onsite review and valuable child life expert opinion to assess overall program strengths and opportunities for improvement, validate child life as an essential component of quality care, advocate for additional resources, and provide direction for future program development.

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