Association of Child Life Professionals Archives

The Archives Committee maintains a collection of documents, publications, photos, video footage and other materials related to the history of ACLP and the child life profession. Thanks to the generous support of Utica College, the ACLP Archives has been housed at the Frank E. Gannett Library in Utica, New York since 2001. The college was awarded the ACLP Spirit of Giving Award in 2009, in appreciation for the institution's ongoing support in preserving our history.

The Archives Committee is currently collecting clinical program and academic histories. Share significant milestones about your program, and contribute to the ongoing documentation of the history of the child life profession. 
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This episode features a special interview with ACLP/Child Life Council's first president Jerriann Wilson and Alexis Plumb, members of the Archives Management Committee of ACLP. Jerriann and Alexis share the history of the archives and share some really wonderful examples of the treasures within.

The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) Archives welcomes donations of historical documents pertaining to the development of the child life profession and ACLP as an organization. Materials may include reference books, personal letters, work papers, program files, videos, or even health care play equipment. To inquire about the types of materials that may be appropriate to donate to the ACLP Archives and how to submit such materials, please contact

The collection consists of mostly printed material in the form of articles, publications, conference materials, and professional journals. There are also scrapbooks, photographs, videotapes, a few audiotapes, and ephemera in the form of puppets. The materials in the ACLP Archives collection are useful in providing a historical perspective on the development and growth of the child life profession, from its earliest inception as a series of “play programs,” to the independent and fully recognized profession that it is today. 
Accessing the ACLP Archives
If you are interested in learning more about the materials housed in the Archives, download and review the ACLP Archives Finding Aid for a list of all items currently catalogued in the library. To request access to a digital copy of one or more items from the Finding Aid, please follow these steps:
  1. Select the item(s) from the Finding Aid that you wish to review.
  2. Visit the Utica College Library Web page
  3. Choose the first option: Ask a UC Librarian your question.
  4. Fill out your contact information. State your question by typing in name of the collection (Child Life Council Archives), the folder, and the item in the folder you wish to review.
  5. A Utica College librarian will respond to your inquiry.
Please keep in mind that some items (such as DVDs) may not be available to send via email or postal service at this time. 

You may also choose to visit the Frank E. Gannett Library at Utica College in Utica, NY. To do so, please use the Ask a UC Librarian form to schedule your visit.

Video Tour of the Archives