#ChildLife Podcast

Welcome to #ChildLife, ACLP's new podcast to connect you to all that's happening at the Association of Child Life Professionals and the professional world of child life. For ACLP members, child life specialists, partners, and charities involved with the wonderful world of child life and for those looking to become a child life professional, this podcast is for you. Connect with professional opportunities, stay informed about child life news, and learn about what's new in child life. Hosted by Jennifer Lipsey, CEO, and Bailey Kasten, COO, from the headquarters for the Association of Child Life Professionals in Arlington, VA. We love child life! 

Please contact us at podcast@childlife.org with ideas and feedback for #ChildLife.

How to Listen  

There are many ways to listen to the #ChildLife Podcast. You can listen to episodes on the ACLP website (below) and through the Google Play Store, Spotify, and iTunes.

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Podcast Episodes

*Special Edition* All About Abstracts

Join us for a special edition deep dive into the world of abstract submission and preparing content for the 2020 Child Life Annual Conference.  In this episode, we speak with Brittany Blake, our very own conference planning chair.


*Special Edition* 2019 Child Life Annual Conference Know Before You Go

Headed to conference this year? Still on the fence? Listen to our new audio "Know Before You Go" guide to conference. Bailey and Jen will break down all the logistics for you, and our Conference Planning Chair, Cat Leung, will go over the special new features at conference that you won't want to miss!


Episode 9: Happy Child Life Month!

In this episode, Bailey Kasten, COO, and Jen Lipsey, CEO, will be celebrating Child Life Month, talking about research and their trip to Boston, and discussing the upcoming 2019 Child Life Annual Conference. They'll also share their interview with Ashley Kane and Erin Shaffer of Penn State Children's Hospital that features a discussion about their facility dogs program: life with the dogs, starting their program, and how they use their dogs in interventions. 


Episode 8: Looking to the Future and Remembering the Past

A packed episode with hosts Bailey Kasten, COO, and Jen Lipsey, CEO, of the Association of Child Life Professionals. In this episode, Jen and Bailey run through all of the upcoming events and opportunities on the ACLP calendar and share some of the work that's been done across ACLP committees. We're also joined by Kathryn Cantrell with a preview of the latest issue of the ACLP Bulletin and Focus. Also featuring, a special interview with ACLP/Child Life Council's first president Jerriann Wilson and Alexis Plumb, members of the Archives Management Committee of ACLP. Jerriann and Alexis share the history of the archives and share some really wonderful examples of the treasures within.


*Special Episode* The Results of the 2018 Job Analysis

This special episode of #ChildLife brings together the leaders of the current Child Life Certification Commission to discuss the final results of the 2018 job analysis and what it means for the Certified Child Life Specialist credential!


Episode 7: Strategic Planning, Child Life at the Border, and the Fall Bulletin/Focus

Jen and Bailey give a briefing on ACLP's strategic planning meeting and share updates on the child life community calendar.

Get a glimpse of the latest issue of the ACLP Bulletin/Focus with Executive Editor, Kathryn Cantrell, PhD, CCLS.


Our special interview with Kat Leibbrandt, CCLS and Kelly Boyd, CCLS who went to Texas to volunteer with children and families seeking asylum.


Episode 6: Setting and Focus

Jen and Bailey discuss the recent gathering of the Community-Based/Non-Traditional Role Committee & Subcommittees and their recent work to develop guidelines for this form of child life practice.

We also provide an update on the strategic plan and give insight into how we use member feedback.

Our interview this week is with the author of the article of the latest Focus article, Divna Wheelwright.


Episode 5: We're Back!

Jen and Bailey return with a rundown of what's going on at ACLP including an update on the upcoming strategic planning session, our recent trip to Capitol Hill, and the general child life calendar.

We're also joined this week by special guests Allison Sohanlal and Tiffany Key of the Awards Committee to shed some light on the awards process and to let our listeners know how to get involved.


Episode 4: Child Life Month - Child Life Collaborations

Bailey and Jen celebrate Child Life Month and share some important updates about recent collaborations with the Beryl Institute and Disney.

Tune in for updates and reminders on the many happenings in the child life community.


Episode 3: Child Life Updates and Interview with Dennis Lomonaco of What You Give Will Grow

Jen and Bailey review some updates on new publications, provide a continuing update on the job analysis, and welcome Dennis Lomonaco of What You Give Will Grow to the #ChildLife studio.

Dennis joins us as we expand our conversation to include the greater child life community and the foundation/donor perspective on what's going on now and in 2018.


Episode 2: Exploring the 2018 Job Analysis

In this episode, Jen and Bailey speak with our Director of Certification, Ame Enright, about the upcoming job analysis and get behind the scenes of the Child Life Certifying Committee. 

We also highlight Certified Child Life Specialists presenting to other groups and talk about some ways to spread child life to other related professionals.


Episode 1: SPECIAL EDITION - A Podcast about Rescinding the Advanced Degree Requirement for Certification

This episode of #ChildLife addresses the recent announcement of the ACLP Board of Director's decision to rescind the Master's Degree requirements for certification.

Jen and Bailey give voice to questions received at the national office about this announcement.

To read more about this announcement, please visit our full statement.


January 23, 2018 - Introducing Our New Podcast

We're thrilled to announce the start of our brand new podcast, #ChildLife. 

Hosted by Bailey Kasten, COO and Jen Lipsey, CEO, #ChildLife is a new tool for ACLP to connect with members, stakeholders, child life specialists, and those with interest in the professional world of child life.

Listen to our first episode as we introduce our new podcast.