Fully Loaded Electronics

Fully Loaded Electronics

Fully Loaded Electronics is a one-stop solution for video games, tablets, virtual reality, mobile game carts, and other consumer electronics for patients. We specialize in loading and setting up video game consoles so that when they arrive at your hospital, they are ready to play, safely and securely!

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Leave a comment
  1. Sarah Sands | Jan 10, 2020

    We love using Fully Loaded Electronics with our patients.  We utilize the games to provide distraction and use to build rapport with our patients.  It has been great having the technology patients and families want during their hospitalizations.  Thank you for helping make the hospital more child-friendly!!

    - Sarah Sands, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH

  2. Janet Grom | Jan 08, 2020
    Our pediatric patients (and their families) LOVE using the fully loaded electronics. It brings a sense of normalcy and fun to the hospital environment. The fully loaded systems are amazing because we don’t have to keep track of games! It’s one less thing for us to lose. These systems truly do make a difference for our patients during their hospital stays and I appreciate our partnership with Fully Loaded Electronics.  Thank you!

    - Janet Grom, CCLS, Banner Children's, AZ

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