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ZONO Technologies

As the industry leader, ZONO Technologies is a forward-thinking, innovative company that manufactures sustainable, renewable, and liquid chemical-free sanitizing cabinets, chambers, and rooms for child life specialist organizations and service providers. The ZONO kills 99.99% of common viruses and 99.9% of common bacteria in just 30 minutes. Our core purpose is to provide safe disinfecting and sanitizing solutions that protect the health and welfare of all people and the earth. To do so, we developed a system validated by independent laboratory testing which meets stringent standards set by the EPA and the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. The ZONO product line is constantly being modified to progressively incorporate the latest sustainable concepts. It boasts zero-emissions engineering, minimal water usage, and only requires a standard household electrical circuit for power. All ZONO ozone cabinets are constructed of recyclable aluminum and consist of renewable components that are simple to replace, inexpensive to upgrade, and are designed for a 25-year lifespan. 



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