2018 International Scholarship Winners

About the Awards

The Association of Child Life Professionals awarded five international scholarships to enable recipients to attend the annual conference taking place in the Washington D.C. metro area at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center May 3-6, 2018.

Each scholarship covers registration for the conference, up to five nights lodging at the conference hotel, actual cost of economy round-trip airfare up to $1,800 U.S., and a small stipend for meals and incidentals. 

Applicants may be from any country outside North America. Applications are encouraged from any healthcare professional outside North America who has an interest in the psychosocial care of children. The award process will look most favorably on professional practitioners or administrators in a position to be able to introduce, or greatly enhance, psychosocial care consistent with child life practice and principles in their respective parts of the world. Applicants must have proficiency in English, as it is the official language of the conference.

International Winners2018

Hsin-Ju Hsiao, Kongmeng Sialee, Karen Jolly, Perminder Kaur Wadhvani, and Cath Hubbok touring Johns Hopkins Hospital during the 2018 Child Life Annual Conference.

Congratulations to the 2018 Award Winners

Hsin-Ju Hsiao

Hsin-Ju Hsiao

Hsin-Ju Hsiao is a Certified Child Life Specialist who works in the pediatric operating theater of NTUCH and in the pediatric hematology/oncology unit of CGMH. The pediatric psychosocial care provided in her places of employment includes social work, psychology, art therapy, and child life. All these services aim to help children build psychosocial adaptation to get through hospitalization and the difficulties related to their medical treatment. Hsin-Ju works with psychosocial professionals who work with the medical team to boost the resilience of pediatric patients and their families in the courses of treatment.

Cath Hubbuck

Cath Hubbuck

Cath Hubbuck is a qualified, registered Health Play Specialist. She has a broad range of experiences working with children of all ages in a variety of settings though her professional training is in hospital-based practice. Her most formative experience has been in working with children with neurological conditions, children who have suffered a burn injury and children in the Outpatients Department. She has taught and written extensively on the role and work of Health Play Specialists and in 2009 published book on the subject. She has taught on the Health Play Specialist Training course and has also spoken at an international level. Cath resides in Norwich, UK

Karen Jolly

Karen Jolly

Karen Jolly is a Procedural Pain & Play Therapist at Children’s Cancer Centre, in Monash Health, Victoria, Australia. She delivers a play & procedural coping program to assist children and families being treated for cancer on the inpatient wards and outpatient clinic. This role involves collaborative work with families, children and staff to enhance coping, and to celebrate the competences, successes and ways in which families support their child and that children support themselves. She also provides individual sessions with children and families, actively provide coping support in the treatment room and as part of a multidisciplinary team facilitate group interventions such as sibling days, adolescent evenings, medical play groups, craft/ activity groups.

Kongmeng Sialee

Kongmeng Sialee, is the first and only Child Life Therapist at Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Lao PDR. He has successfully integrated psychosocial care into the care of practices at Lao Friends Hospital. Kongmeng helps children cope during their hospital stay, prepare children for medical procedures by medical play, coping and procedural plan and therapeutic play.He works with doctors and nurses to educate them about psychosocial care as well as internal volunteers.

Perminder Wadhvani

Perminder Kaur Wadhvani

Perminder Kaur Wadhvani is a Teaching Assistant/Instructor, & Fieldwork supervisor for Kashiba Gordhandas Patel Children’s Hospital in India.She has assisted and coordinated the Summer Institute course in Child Life Services: Enhancing the Psychosocial Wellbeing of Children and Families in Healthcare Settings; as well as assisted with conducting various capacity building workshops with CanKids….Kidscan, a childhood cancer support program.

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