Child Life Compensation

ACLP is pleased to present the results of the 2012 Child Life Profession Compensation Study, a large-scale survey of child life specialists undertaken in collaboration with Association Research, Inc. to determine prevailing annual salary and benefit levels. The confidential Web‐based survey gathered individual and institutional demographic data along with the salary and benefits data as self-reported by the respondents. In addition, directors and child life specialists with leadership responsibilities were asked to provide institutional salary and wage range data as well as information on organizational level benefits.

Thinking of moving up in your current position? Switching jobs?  Moving to another region of the country? The salary summary and full report gives you useful information to determine your salary based on your unique job characteristics in the following categories:

  1. Country

  2. Position

  3. Years as a Child Life Specialist

  4. Highest Level of Education Completed

  5. U.S. Census District / Canadian Province

  6. Number of Pediatric Beds

  7. Number of In-Patient Hospital Beds

  8. Number of People Supervised

The data used in the Salary Reports are based on responses from full-time managers/directors/leaders of child life programs, child life specialists with leadership responsibilities, and child life specialists located in the United States and Canada who participated in a survey conducted for ACLP during the fall of 2012. These salary figures represent annual base salaries effective as of September 1, 2012.


Access the 2012 Salary Survey Summary

Access the 2012 Salary Survey Full Report