What is Recertification?

All Certified Child Life Specialists must recertify every five years. The recertification process requires Certified Child Life Specialists to document knowledge and skill development over a five-year period in order to promote continuing competence.

Recertification encourages Certified Child Life Specialists to keep current with their profession and acts as a vehicle for demonstrated commitment to continued growth in the field of child life. Patients and families have a right to service provided by child life specialists who have demonstrated entry-level competence and who maintain knowledge of current practices in the field.

There are two ways individuals can recertify: through Professional Development Units (PDUs) or by taking the Child Life Certification Exam.

Recertification Manual


Recertify through PDUs

If a CCLS chooses to recertify through PDUs, the individual must earn a minimum number of PDUs within their five-year recertification cycle. In the recertifying year, the deadline to recertify through PDUs is October 31.

Applicants may apply for recertification digitally through their ACLP profile or they may submit their recertification by filling out the Application for Recertification through PDUs form and mailing it, along with payment, to the ACLP office.

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Recertify By Exam

CCLSs may also recertify by retaking the Child Life Certification Exam. The exam may be taken during any exam administration in the year in which certification will expire.

Current Certified Child Life Specialists are not required to complete the Eligibility Assessment. However, prior to registering the exam, candidates should read and fully understand the content of the Child Life Professional Certification Candidate Manual.

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Classification of DEI PDUs for Recertification

The CLCC recognizes racial discrimination as a key social determinant of health and driver of racial/ethnic health inequities. According to the Child Life Code of Ethics, Certified Child Life Specialists have an obligation to maintain an environment that respects variations in culture, age, gender, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religious affiliation, veteran status, and socioeconomic status.

CLCC is accepting DEI PDUs in any of the three domains for recertification: Professional Responsibility, Assessment, and Intervention, provided that the PDU has met the necessary requirements for PDUs. At this time, CLCC has not placed a limit on the number of DEI PDUs that can be obtained by an individual applying for recertification.

Number of Certified Child Life Specialists

The following document outlines the number of individuals holding the Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) credential over time. It documents the current total CCLSs, number of CCLSs set to recertify each year, the number of CCLSs that do recertify, and the retention rate.