Professional Code of Conduct

ACLP is committed to providing a professional, safe, and welcoming environment for all. To maintain a standard of conduct that upholds the integrity of the association as well as to ensure individuals are demonstrating professional conduct, all non-profit and corporate members must adhere to the ACLP Professional Code of Conduct.

The ACLP Professional Code of Conduct is intended to provide ACLP participants with a set of best practices and guidelines on standards of conduct to which ACLP participants agree they will adhere when joining and maintaining their ACLP membership and/or participating in ACLP activities and events.

This Code applies to any conduct and communication of ACLP participants involving ACLP members, ACLP staff, ACLP contractors, or non-member participants of ACLP connection with or resulting from any ACLP-related business, activity, or at ACLP functions, as defined in the code.


Professional Code of Conduct Discipline Policy & Complaint Form

The Code addresses misconduct in three general areas: Personal Misconduct, Professional Misconduct, and Legal Misconduct.

Any ACLP participant may bring a complaint against any other ACLP participant if they believe, in good faith, that the participant engaged in conduct in violation of the Code. Individuals may also bring a complaint against an ACLP participant based on publicly available information such as court documents, newspaper articles, or social media posts that were verified by independent sources.

Complaints must be submitted using the form below. Participants engaging in misconduct are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in ACLP’s Professional Code of Conduct Discipline Policy.

If an individual has violated the Child Life Code of Ethics, please refer to the Child Life Code of Ethics complaint form.

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