Value Drivers of a Certified Child Life Specialist

CCLSs significantly reduce the financial, developmental, and psychological costs associated with stress, pain, and anxiety that can persist far beyond initial healthcare encounters.

Read the full report in the Child Life Value Proposition Statement.

Emotional Safety Initiative

The Emotional Safety Initiative is a movement to prioritize emotional safety at the same level as physical safety in all pediatric medical experiences.

We know that by centering the emotional needs of children and families in every aspect of care,—from environment to treatment plans—we can help eliminate trauma and stress that leads to potential lifelong health implications.

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The Beryl Institutes' White Paper on Child Life

The ACLP Patient Experience Committee worked in collaboration with the Beryl Institute to produce a white paper, What Patient Experience Can Learn from Child Life Professionals.

The paper explores the value and impact of child life efforts and the core philosophies of child life that could inform patient experience efforts more broadly. The paper includes an overview of seven concepts that can guide experience efforts and offers direct considerations for action relevant across healthcare settings.

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ACLP Statements

The following are official statements from the ACLP on a variety of topics.

Professional Advancement Model Resource Guide

Developed by the Clinical Ladder Task Force, this guide provides direction and guidance to programs looking to develop or enhance a professional advancement model.


ACLP Annual Reports

The ACLP Annual Report highlights examples of ACLP members' impact from membership and volunteer hours, a financial update, and more.