ACLP Online Education

ACLP offers a variety of affordable online professional development opportunities. All of the options listed here are PDU-eligible activities. For more information about earning PDUs and maintaining certification, see the Recertification Manual.

Live Webinars

Webinars are a key component of ACLP's online education series and provide the opportunity to enhance your professional knowledge and earn PDU credit from your home or workplace computer. Most of ACLP's live webinars take place from 2:30-4:00 PM EST.

Webinar rates (including group rates) and registration information is available on the Fees and Registration page.

You will earn 1 PDU per webinar hour, and most of ACLP's webinars provide the opportunity to earn 1.5 PDUs. The PDU category for webinars is Traditional Professional Development, and there is no limit on this category of PDU for recertification.

The 2019 webinar schedule will be posted later this year.

On-Demand Webinars

More than fifty recorded webinars are currently available on the PlaybackACLP website. You can search by session title or by presenter and enhance your professional knowledge at your convenience from your home or workplace computer.

Individual Pricing
ACLP Members: $40
Non-Members: $100

Participants must complete a quiz to earn PDUs toward recertification.  Each ACLP On-Demand webinar is worth 1 PDU in the Traditional Professional Development category. There is no limit on Traditional Professional Development PDUs for recertification.
Individual: $40 U.S. (Members), $100 U.S. (Non-Members)

Participants must complete a quiz to earn PDUs toward recertification.  Each CLC On-Demand webinar is worth 1 PDU.  

Focus Articles

The ACLP Bulletin, a member publication distributed quarterly, is the foremost professional resource focusing on the unique knowledge and skills of the child life community. Its aim is to provide content that encourages the continued clinical development of child life professionals and is a respected forum for highlighting their milestones, challenges, innovations, and successes. Each issue features a Child Life Focus article, which is available on the PlaybackACLP website

Individual Pricing
ACLP Members: Free!
Non-Members: $15

The PDUs earned (.5 per article) from  reading a Focus article and successfully completing the accompanying quiz are considered Independent Learning, and there is a 10 PDU maximum limit for this category in the 5-year certification cycle. 

Recorded Conference Sessions

The Child Life Annual Conference is the premier professional development and networking experience for child life professionals. Many of the breakout sessions from past conferences are recorded so those who were unable to attend conference, or a particular session, can expand their knowledge and earn PDUs at a later date. Recorded conference sessions are available individually or for an entire conference on the PlaybackACLP website.

Individual Pricing
Please see the PlaybackACLP website for pricing as it varies by session length. Package deals (all recorded sessions from the 2018 conference, for example) are also available.

Each individual recording allows you to earn 1 or more PDUs based on the length of the presentation. Recordings that are 1 hour in length are equivalent to 1 PDU, those that are 1.5 hours in length are equivalent to 1.5 PDUs, etc. The PDU category for recorded conference sessions is Traditional Professional Development, and there is no limit on this category of PDU for recertification. To earn PDU credit you must view the recording and take the quiz, answering at least 71% (five out of seven) of the questions correctly.

More Information

Please contact if you have questions or need assistance.

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