ACLP is the leading international professional association devoted to child life specialists. Membership is available to anyone working in the child life profession as well as others interested in child welfare and/or healthcare. Whether you are a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS), a student studying to become a Certified Child Life Specialist, an academic professional, a researcher, an administrator, or an allied healthcare provider, you will benefit from joining the membership community.

ACLP also offers group memberships to child life programs, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies.

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ACLP offers six types of individual membership (Professional, Retired, Associate, Student, Healthcare Ally, and International) as well as corporate, non-profit organization, and child life program membership. If you're unsure which membership category would be the best fit email

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ACLP Bulletin

ACLP Bulletin/Child Life Focus is the foremost professional resource focusing on the unique knowledge and skills of the child life community. Its aim is to provide content that encourages the continued clinical development of child life professionals, and a forum for highlighting their milestones, challenges, innovations and successes. The ACLP Bulletin is distributed to more than 5,500 Individual ACLP members.

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The Journal of Child Life

For several years, the Association of Child Life Professionals has been exploring the possibility of having a professional journal. This goal will become a reality when we launch The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice in March 2020 during Child Life Month. This new journal, with more robust research content, will be an outgrowth of Focus, which will no longer be a part of ACLP Bulletin in 2020. 

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