Eligibility Assessment Overview

The Eligibility Assessment is the candidates way to submit and show completion of their academic requirements (degree and coursework) as well as their completion of the clinical internship. Applicants must successfully submit an ACLP Eligibility Assessment in order to register for the certification exam.

Many applicants begin the Eligibility Assessment process when they have at least a few, if not most, of their courses complete. The Eligibility Assessment is a living submission that applicants can enter some information and return later to enter the other parts as they complete them.

The Eligibility Assessment has a one time fee of $80.00 USD.

Steps to Complete the Eligibility Assessment

The Eligibility Assessment requires applicants to provide documentation of the successful completion of the academic requirements (degree and coursework) as well as a clinical internship.

The steps for completing the Eligibility Assessment are as follows:

  • Step 1: Request to start, and pay, for the Eligibility Assessment
  • Step 2: Enter Academic Requirements (degree and coursework) & Internship Information 
  • Step 3: Submit Official Transcripts (and other supporting documentation) to ACLP

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Step #1: Start and Pay for the Eligibility Assessment

The first step of the Eligibility Assessment is to log into you ACLP account and select to start the Eligibility Assessment and complete the payment.

The steps to do that are: 

  1. Log into your ACLP account (or create new account)
  2. Click on the icon menu in the upper left-hand corner and select "Start an Eligibility Assessment"
  3. Click on "Create New Collection"
  4. Select "Payment Options" and choose "Credit Card" from the drop-down menu
  5. Select the appropriate credit card type, select the captcha, and hit "Submit"
  6. Enter your credit card information and hit "Submit"
  7. Click on the link to return to the dashboard.

If you are actively enrolled in a degree program at an ACLP-endorsed academic program, contact to confirm your status. 

Begin Eligibility Assessment

Step #2: Enter Academic and Clinical Information

To complete the Eligibility Assessment, you must submit information and supporting documentation for your degree, coursework, and clinical internship. If you have not yet completed all the requirements, you may enter some information and return later to enter the other parts.

To enter this information, log into your ACLP account and enter the information under the "Certification Portal" tab.

Step 3: Submit Official Transcript (and other supporting documentation) to ACLP

Applicants must submit an official* transcript to ACLP that documents: the type of degree granted, date conferred, and completed required courses with passing grade before their Eligibility Assessment will be reviewed. Please confirm that the transcript is issued after the date your degree was conferred.

If individuals are completing the child life course and clinical experience verification through the paper form, these forms must also be emailed (preferred) or mailed to the ACLP office along with the official transcript.

Once the ACLP office receives all the necessary documents, applicants can expect to see their online profile updated within 3 weeks of the receipt of documentation at the ACLP office.  Please factor in this turnaround time when planning the submission of internship applications or registration for the exam.

Once applicants academic information has been reviewed, the Evaluation Report (found in the ACLP profile) will show which courses were approved and allow individuals to monitor their progress toward establishing eligibility. This report may be printed and shared with internship coordinators and others.


Official Transcript

An official transcript must be sent to the ACLP office before an individual's Eligibility Assessment will be reviewed.

Requirements of the official transcript:

  • Transcripts must be official.This is defined by each college/university.

  • If a university provides official transcripts digitally, they can be emailed to directly from the institution.

  • If your institution does not provide the digital option for official transcripts, please mail the transcripts to the ACLP office.

  • Transcripts may not be faxed or emailed directly from the applicant.

  • CLCC does not accept unofficial transcripts. Transcripts that have been printed by the applicant from the university website are not official transcripts.

  • If the applicant is mailing official transcripts, they must be in a signed/sealed envelope.

  • If the name that will appear on your official transcripts does not match the name on your Eligibility Assessment, please provide us with a verification of your name change such as a copy of a marriage license or other relevant documentation. This documentation may be faxed, emailed, or mailed to our office.

  • No in-progress courses will be reviewed.

  • Transferred courses from another school must have a passing grade listed on the transcript or be documented by another official transcript from the original college/university.

  • Online courses must be reflected on an official transcript with a passing grade

Submitting Your Evaluation Report for Internships

Many internship programs require the submission of the Eligibility Assessment results.  

To do so:

  • On the "Evaluation Report" page, click "Print this Page"

  • For Destination, select Print to PDF

  • Click on Save

  • The saved file can then be shared as you wish