How to Maintain Certification

Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLSs) are required to pay certification maintenance fees in order to keep their certification status active. Certification Maintenance fees are essential to the operation of the Child Life Professional Certification Program.  They provide the financial resources needed for the program’s implementation.  

Certification maintenance fees are due by January 31 of each of the first four years of the five-year certification cycle. CCLSs are sent reminders via email when certification maintenance fees are due, so it is important for each individual to keep their ACLP profile up-to-date with their most current contact information.

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Important Dates

The following are important dates for individuals seeking to maintain their certification:

  • December of the previous year: Certification maintenance invoices are created and reminders of payment are sent

  • January 31: Certification maintenance fees due

  • March 31: Last day of certification grace period (payment + late fee)

  • April 1: CCLSs with unpaid maintenance fees become inactive

  • December 31: Last day to reinstate the credential for those who have not paid the certification maintenance fee


Maintenance Fees

The following shows the annual certification maintenance fees for both ACLP Members and non-members.

Lapsed Certification due to Non-Payment of Maintenance Fees

If a payment is not received by March 31, the CCLS will go into an “Inactive” status for up to nine months (April 1 until December 31). While "Inactive" the individual is not permitted to use the CCLS credential and will not be listed in the CCLS directory. Being in the "Inactive" status does not affect the certification cycle and date. It does not extend the deadline for recertification.

In order to have certification reinstated and return to "Active", the individual must pay the maintenance fee, the late fee, and a $55 reinstatement fee. If the reinstatement payment is not received by December 31, certification lapses and the individual is notified that they are no longer a Certified Child Life Specialist. To regain the CCLS credential, an individual with a “Lapsed” certification status must re-establish eligibility under the current requirements and pass the Child Life Professional Certification Exam.

FAQs: Certification Maintenance Fees