Recertification encourages Certified Child Life Specialists to keep current with their profession and acts as a vehicle for demonstrated commitment to continued growth in the field of child life. Patients and families have a right to service provided by child life specialists who have demonstrated entry-level competence and who maintain knowledge of current practices in the field. The recertification process requires Certified Child Life Specialists to document knowledge and skill development over a five-year period in order to promote continuing competence. The Recertification Manual provides details of the recertification process. 

There are two ways individuals can recertify: through Professional Development Units (PDU) or Recertification by Exam. Read below to learn more about each option.


1. Recertification by Professional Development Units (PDU)


In order to be eligible for recertification, Certified Child Life Specialists choosing the PDU option must earn a minimum number of Professional Development Units within their five-year recertification cycle. The deadline to recertify through PDUs is October 31.

Fee to Recertify through PDUs

ACLP Members


$120.00 U.S.

$220.00 U.S.

2. Recertification By Exam

Certified Child Life Specialists may recertify by retaking the exam. The exam may be taken during any exam administration in the year in which certification will expire. Candidates for recertification are expected to adhere to all policies and deadlines outlined in the Candidate Manual.

Current Certified Child Life Specialists are not required to complete the Eligibility Assessment. However, prior to registering the exam, candidates should read and fully understand the content of the Candidate Manual.

Fee to Recertify by Exam

ACLP Members


$300.00 U.S.

$450.00 U.S.

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