ACLP Committees

Our progress is fueled by the vision of our leaders and the hard work of a dedicated network of volunteers. ACLP is composed of the board of directors (volunteers), committees run by volunteers, members, and staff. The board of directors takes strategic plan goals, divides them into projects, and assigns each project to a committee to be completed.

Over 25 different ACLP committees, work groups, and task forces work each year to complete projects, programs, and initiatives that they have been tasked with from the board of directors. Once the project is complete, the committee submits their final project back to the board for approval. The board reviews, provides feedback on, and/or approves the committee's work. Once the board has approved the work, it is then sent to ACLP staff to distribute or implement.

ACLP Committees/Sub-Committees, Work Groups & Task Forces

Committee Infrastructure & Appointment Policy

The following policy document outlines the ACLP committee infrastructure and appointment policy.