ACLP Membership for Child Life Programs

Child Life Program membership allows child life programs to purchase group membership that may include their program and hospital staff. The membership comes with exclusive benefits available only to Child Life Program members and specified number of individual membership slots. ACLP offers six individual membership categories.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the Association of Child Life Professionals at 800-252-4515 or


Benefits of Child Life Program Membership include:

  • Member registration rate for the Child Life Annual Conference.* 
  • 10% discount on Child Life Professional Data Center (CLPDC) subscription.
  • 10% discount on group webinar registrations.
  • Recognition as a member program in the ACLP Child Life Program Directory.
  • Recognition as a child life program member at the Child Life Annual Conference.
  • Exclusive use of the ACLP child life program member badge on print and digital materials.
  • Individuals added to the child life program membership receive all benefits associated with their assigned individual membership type (professional, associate, or healthcare ally). See Individual Membership benefits here.
  • Ability to add membership slots (limits apply).
*All child life program staff are eligible for the member registration rate at the Child Life Annual Conference.

Child Life Program Badge

Program Toolkit


Child Life Program Size Number of Individual Slots*  Annual Membership Price Additional slots available
Fewer than 5 child life staff $420 Add 1 additional slot for $115 
5-10 child life staff $980 Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 
11-15 child life staff
12 $1680 Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 
16-20 child life staff
17 $2380 Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 
21-25 child life staff
22 $3080 Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 
26-30 child life staff
27 $3780 Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 
For each additional increment of 5 staff in your child life program Add 5 slots Add $700  Add up to 3 additional slots for $115 each 

*The number of individual slots listed in the second column is equal to the number of hospital employees eligible for individual memberships through the Program Membership level specified in the first column. For example, if a hospital program with 19 child life staff purchased a Program Membership at the 16-20 child life staff level, the program leader could distribute individual memberships to 17 hospital employees. If additional slots were desired, the program leader could purchase 3 additional slots for $115 each.

Download a more detailed pricing list here


Online Self-Service: You must have the rights to edit your hospital's profile with ACLP in order to use the online self-service. Additionally, all staff you wish to add to the program membership must have ACLP accounts that are tied to your hospital's record. If you are unable to do this or are not sure, email for assistance.

Concierge Service: Contact the ACLP Membership Team at or 800-252-4515, and we'll walk you through the process.


QUESTION: I just joined as an individual member/renewed my individual membership, but my manager purchased a program membership and would like to add me. Is this possible?

ANSWER: If you paid for your individual membership yourself, we are unable to offer a refund. If your hospital paid for your individual membership, we will provide a credit toward the cost of the program membership. For assistance, please email

QUESTION: We have a group membership with all the slots filled and just hired two new employees. Is there a way to include them in our program membership?

ANSWER: Yes! There are two options. Your program can add additional slots at $115 per person. Limits apply, and there is no prorating. Your program could also elect to change tiers and would then be charged the difference between the tier pricing. 

QUESTION: Can I add a nurse manager, physician, or administrator to our group membership?

ANSWER: Yes, you may add any employee of your hospital. Non-child life specialists can be included on a group membership under the healthcare ally category.