Value Drivers of a Certified Child Life Specialist

CCLSs significantly reduce the financial, developmental, and psychological costs associated with stress, pain, and anxiety that can persist far beyond initial healthcare encounters.

Child Life Competencies & Guidelines

The Child Life Competencies are the minimal level of acceptable practice and are to be used as a guide for individuals or organizations who may wish to further define competencies specific to their situation. 

The Child Life Standards of Clinical Practice establish criteria for child life services with infants, children, youth, siblings, and families.

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Child Life Professional Data Center

The Child Life Professional Data Center (CLPDC) is a tool to help child life programs track and compare patient impact data.

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Celebrate your colleagues

Give a WOW!

We invite all individuals in the child life community to Give a WOW!

Submissions may include celebration of career milestones, recognition of those providing exemplary emotionally safe care, sharing the successes of programs prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, appreciation towards colleagues and peers who go above and beyond each day in support of each other and children, and more.

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ACLP Archives

The ACLP Archives is a collection of documents, publications, photos, video footage and other materials related to the history of ACLP and the child life profession.

The materials are useful in providing a historical perspective on the development and growth of the child life profession, from its earliest inception as a series of “play programs,” to the independent and fully recognized profession that it is today. 

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Child Life Month

To promote understanding and appreciation of the invaluable contributions of child life specialists, ACLP has championed a month-long celebration, Child Life Month. The impact CCLSs make on the emotional safety of children and families in healthcare settings is unparalleled. 

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