Governance at ACLP

Associations are run by a board of directors.  For ACLP, board elections are determined by a membership vote. Since board members are elected by the membership, the terms for each board position are clearly defined. Board members have the final vote on all matters related to the profession and association.

At ACLP, all board members are required to be Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLSs). The CEO oversees staff and operations and reports to the board of directors.  

Like other associations, ACLP staff is comprised of association management professionals who have both experience and knowledge of how associations are run as well as expertise in their specific role, such as marketing or education. 

ACLP Board of Directors

The ACLP Board of Directors is a panel of individuals who are elected to represent the child life community.

The board is responsible for protecting the interests of those in the child life community, a fiduciary duty to protect the organization's assets and member's investment, oversight of the organization, and making decisions about important issues the organization and profession face. 

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Committees, Working Groups, & Task Forces

ACLP is composed of the board of directors (volunteers), committees run by volunteers, members, and staff. The board of directors takes strategic plan goals, divides them into projects, and assigns each project to a committee to be completed.

Over 25 different ACLP Committees, Work Groups, and Task Forces then come together to complete the assignments they have been given. Once the project is complete, the committee submits their final project back to the board for approval. The board reviews, provides feedback on, and/or approves the committee's work. If changes are needed, the work goes back to the committee for revisions. Once the board has approved the work, it is then sent to ACLP staff to distribute or implement.

The child life community then provides feedback on projects and what the strategic plan's priorities should be through surveys, meetings, etc. The process then repeats itself every two years with a new strategic plan.

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Volunteer with ACLP

Our progress is fueled by the vision of our leaders and by the hard work and commitment of a dedicated network of volunteers.

Each year, we provide members with an opportunity to apply for volunteer positions on committees that keep our organization relevant and strong.

Participating on a committee or work group is a great way to shape the future of child life, enhance your resume, expand your professional network, and hone leadership skills. 

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ACLP Professional Code of Conduct

ACLP is committed to providing a professional, safe, and welcoming environment for all.

To maintain a standard of conduct that upholds the integrity of the association as well as to ensure individuals are demonstrating professional conduct, all non-profit and corporate members must adhere to the ACLP Professional Code of Conduct.

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ACLP Policies:

ACLP Bylaws

The ACLP bylaws set out the purpose of the organization and regulations within which it must operate. They include the rules, regulations, and processes for how ACLP must run day-to-day.

The ACLP bylaws cover a range of topics like the organization's purpose, how board meetings should be run, and membership requirements.



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