ACLP Research Fellows

ACLP is launching an exciting new initiative - Research Fellows. This prestigious new membership category will provide an opportunity to recognize leading researchers in the field of child life. 

Selection of ACLP Research Fellows

Jessika Boles, PhD, CCLS, will be ACLP's first chief fellow. Jessika was chosen by the ACLP Board of Directors for her extensive research experience and contributions to the child life profession. The chief fellow will review applications for the first class and select 3 candidates. The ACLP Board Presidents will make final approval of the first class of fellows.

Click here to view the 2020 Class of Research Fellows. 

In subsequent years, the chief fellow will assemble a small subgroup of fellows to review blind applications and select a slate. The unblinded slate will be voted for approval by a majority vote of all research fellows.

This process will occur each winter and new fellows will be introduced and recognized during the Opening General Session at the Annual Conference.

Selection Criteria for Research Fellows 

  • Certified Child Life Specialist
  • Member of ACLP for at least the past 5 consecutive years
  • Minimum of 3 publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • PhD, and/or documented involvement in research design and conduct preferred
  • Documented experience in research study design, research study execution, research analysis, and evidence-based practice
  • Documented experience with academic writing
  • Dedication to expanding the evidence base for child life practice
  • Presentation experience at non-child life conferences preferred

Research Fellows Receive

  • Honorary recognition as the highest/most exclusive ACLP membership level

  • Special recognition at conference (walk in slides, badge ribbon, etc.)
  • Special recognition on member profile
  • Exclusive badge for ACLP Research Fellows (can be used in email signatures, on social media, resumes, other documents, etc.)

Research Fellows

  • Provide subject matter expertise to ACLP on a consult basis
  • Serve as a research mentor through the ACLP Mentor Program at least once every 5 years
  • Serve as a research consultant to ACLP committees, task forces, or working groups (e.g. – educating a committee on the process of conducting a literature review)
  • May be recruited to lead or participate in strategic projects (internal to ACLP or in partnership with other organizations)
  • Maintain ACLP membership and certification in good standing 

Chief Fellow Role

  • The first chief fellow will be appointed by the ACLP Board of Directors and serve for a term of 3 years. Subsequent chief fellows will be elected by a majority vote of all Research Fellows for a term of 3 years. An individual can be elected chief fellow multiple times but cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms as chief fellow.
  • The chief fellow will serve as a liaison and first point of contact between ACLP leadership and staff and the research fellows.
  • The chief fellow is responsible for staying up to date on the skills and experiences available within the fellows and identifying gaps that might be filled by future fellow appointments.

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