International Conference Scholarships

Funded by Disney, ACLP provides International Conference Scholarships to enable international recipients to attend the Child Life Annual Conference.

International Scholarships cover the following:

  • One-year ACLP membership
  • Cost of registration for the conference
  • Up to five nights lodging at the conference hotel
  • Round-trip airfare up to $1,800 U.S.
  • Stipend of $250 USD to help toward incidental expenses such as meals, taxi, etc.

The award process will look most favorably on professional practitioners or administrators in a position to be able to introduce, or greatly enhance, psychosocial care consistent with Competencies & Standards in their respective parts of the world. Applicants must have proficiency in English, as it is the official language of the conference.  

Applications are encouraged from any healthcare professional outside of the United States and Canada (individuals from Puerto Rico and American Territories are encouraged to apply) who have an interest in the psychosocial care of children.

Not Currently Accepting Applications


Applicants must be a citizen in a country outside of Canada or the United States (citizens of Canada, the United States are not eligible). Individuals from Puerto Rico and American Territories are encouraged to apply.

The ACLP Awards Committee welcomes all interested parties to submit an application; however, applicants meeting one or more of the following criteria may be given priority in the scholarship evaluation process:

  • Applicants who are in a position to introduce, or greatly enhance, psychosocial care consistent with child life best practices and principles at their facility.

  • Applicants who have recently learned about the field of child life/pediatric psychosocial care.

  • Applicants who have not previously had the opportunity to participate in an ACLP conference and who do not have the support of a comparable professional organization in their country.

Not Currently Accepting Applications

Expectations for Scholarship Recipients

  1. All applicants must discuss this opportunity with their supervisor and determine eligibility to attend the conference in advance of the scholarship being awarded. Contact information for the appropriate authority at the applicant’s place of employment must be included on the application and is subject to confirmation.

  2. Scholarship recipients are responsible for checking their health/medical insurance to ensure adequate coverage while visiting the United States. In the event of a medical emergency or medical treatment, ACLP cannot assume any liability regarding the provision or cost of healthcare services.

  3. Scholarship recipients are responsible for obtaining any travel visas required by the United States and any other country visited in transit.The recipient must pay for any associated costs themselves.Scholarship recipients are required to attend all five nights which is the allotted number of days given to them per the scholarship.

  4. Scholarship recipients are required to attend an educational session (including the opening and closing keynote) in each time slot that such sessions are conducted and to attend all conference-wide networking and official social functions.

  5. Scholarships will cover registration fees for all sessions mentioned above (if applicable), along with covering the actual cost of round-trip economy-class airfare up to but not exceeding $1,800 USD; up to 5 nights’ accommodation in the official conference hotel, and a small stipend to cover meals and incidentals not provided by ACLP during the Annual Conference. Fees for visas, baggage, and transportation to/from airports will not be covered.

  6. Recipients will make air reservations through the ACLP headquarters office. There are no exceptions unless approved by ACLP staff.

  7. Recipients will be responsible for providing a photograph and a current bio.

  8. After the conference, recipients will write a 300 to 600-word essay about the practice of, and/or prospects for, child life in their country and about their attendance at the Annual Conference. This report will be shared with the ACLP Board of Directors and may appear in the ACLP Bulletin or on the ACLP website.

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